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The store carries a large catalog for videogame consoles such as XBox 360, PlayStation 2, PSP, GameBoy Advance, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Stop by and check it out. Store hours Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-6pm. The store is located in STAUNTON, VA at Staunton Shops on 1028 RICHMOND AVE.



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Although I have already submitted a tellgamestop concerning associate Michael that was extremely positive! I need to email gamestop and say that the way Michael and the gamestop on richmond avenue in staunton virginia treats their customers deserves recognition. I was confronted with a very alarming problem with a very expensive console, I was near tears, as the console was only 5 months old, and my 15 year old son was nervous and wanting a quick resolution. Michael was able to calm me, answer my questions, help me, and as a result we will be loyal customers of Gamestop because they put customers first! When Microsoft and Xbox were complicating things, Michael and Gamestop were there to offer real and honest feedback and solutions. I will always trust Gamestop, their customer care, service, offers, and solutions, as a result of this excellent experience, as well as so many others with Gamestop. Although I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars in various Gamestops over the last ten plus years, it always feels like an amazing, informative experience and well informed purchases. I am a regular and loyal customer, will continue to be, and would recommend Gamestop to any and all of my gaming friends. The other retailers can not compare! In fact I would be the first to step forward, even pay a little more, to ensure that Gamestop, Michael, and his associates thrive in this market. From now on, all my purchases will be made at this store, as a thank you to Michael, his associates, and their regular informative customer service, that is not only fun for gamers, but real, and smart. Thank you Gamestop for ten plus years of loyal and reliable service. Please let Michael, the Staunton Virginia Gamestop, and his associates know that they are #1 to this customer and many others!

-- Michelle

It's nice its got all you need and nice workers.

-- randy



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