Fun Unlimited

1300 North Main Street Suite 101 (Cache Valley Mall)
Logan, UT 84341
(435) 752-4352

Located in the Cache Valley Mall, Fun Unlimited sells video games and accessories for new systems (XBox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP, etc) as well as for old systems (GameCube, Classic Nintendo, GameBoy, Original XBox, PS2, etc.). Fun Unlimited also has a selection of paper backs, records, CDs, audio tapes, videos, DVDs, and PC games.



If you've shopped at Fun Unlimited, tell us what you think of the store.

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Great resource for cheap movies and games. I've picked up a lot of movies there for $2-$6 that would have cost $8-$20 anywhere else, including used items on Amazon. Also a great place to pick up a classic NES without having to pay a ton.

-- Rob

Love this store! Tons of vintage stock, including Mattel Intelevision and Sega Genesis/Dreamcast. It's pretty much a flea market kinda layout. You're very much on your own to find what you want, but it can be so worth it! For example, my finds there included a Nintendo made component video cable for Gamecube for $20! Plan on spending and enjoying time there... :)

-- Tom A.

It's a great place to buy cheaper games and books, but the rate at which they "trade" is horrid. You take a ton of stuff in, and you easily get ripped off. Accepting store credit for your "trade" is the best option, but you're still cheated either way. As a business, they need to have better exchange rates. If this doesn't improve, I'm sure they'll lose customers.

-- Cameron



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